If you are a business who wants to use their social media platforms to drive sales – you might be wondering how on earth to do this now that algorithms stand in the way of organic reach. 

Every platform is increasingly becoming more and more “busy” – the sheer amount of information makes it more of a challenge to be able to speak to your audience. Add into the mix that Facebook ranks personal pages over business ones, and that Instagram is also heading that way – is it really worth the time and effort every week creating posts and content that sometimes only 5% of your audience will see? It’s time to look at why you need to focus on paid activity and the days of organic are over……

Here are some stats to highlight why you need to get ahead with paid social;

  • The use of ads and sponsored posts grew by 44% in the first six months of 2018
  • By 2020 Instagram will be responsible for 70% of Facebooks new ad revenue
  • Facebook’s UK revenues rose by 50% last year to £1.27bn, close to overtaking ITV’s (£1.59bn ad sales total and ahead of Channel 4’s (£1.17bn)

Facebook isn’t any longer just a cheap quick way to advertise. It’s a sophisticated platform where you can get a great return on investment. The difficulty is how you manage to get those results.

Both Instagram and Facebook are all about improving the user experience – so only the best business posts and ads will be seen and selected through the algorithms if. It’s all about providing the optimal experience for the user, and they only want people to see what they are genuinely interested in. So, if your boosted post doesn’t look like its EXACTLY what your target audience are going to love, you get pushed further down the line so to speak.

In a nutshell, it’s time for you to start nailing your paid ads strategy…………..

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