As a Facebook ad agency, we hear a lot of people comment that Facebook’s days are numbered, they don’t think anybody uses it anymore and the ads are annoying so who would ever actually pay any attention. Yep, we have heard all of these discussion numerous times. ….

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With billions of active users daily, when combined with Instagrams capabilities, it’s just not an option that any sensible marketeer should ignore.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to use Facebook for advertising.

1.It’s Super Easy For Your Potential Customers To Get In Contact With You. If you are browsing and looking at a product but have a question about it, your customers can ask in real time so you can guide them seamlessly to purchase without them wandering off elsewhere on Facebook. Chat bots can be great to help with automating this process if you don’t have the resources to be on hand all the time. Key here is responding in a timely manner.

2. You CAN Effectively Target Younger Demographics. Another one of the myths we need to bust right here. Through Facebook ads you can reach ALL age demographics, so don’t write if off as you are targeting millennials! An incredible 90% of Instagram users are under 35 years old. 30% of Instagram users say they bought a product they discovered on Instagram.

3. You Can Vary Your Campaigns To Appeal Directly To Your Different Audiences, Without Any Wastage of Ad Spend. Let’s say you are advertising washing powder, you will have multiple avatars you want to appeal to. You can use the targeting to show relevant creative to your different avatars. For example, you could target parents of newborn babies with creative and copy about how kind your detergent is to sensitive skin. For students, you might focus on how it can save you money compared to other brands. Super, super zoned in on each type of customer…

4. It’s Incredibly Granular. The list of interests and ways of targeting your ads is ENDLESS. You can break them down into such specific groups it’s mind boggling. This granular way of targeting not only gives you a clear picture of where your ads are working and with who, but also enables you to continually be scaling and selling throughout new audiences, interests and funnel stages.

5. It Provides Amazing Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). IF done correctly, you can make your marketing budget transform your business and invest whilst seeing the direct return. Imagine being able to see that every £1 you were spending is getting you another £4 back in sales? Once you get your ads performing you can let the sales take care of themselves – providing you have somebody who is experienced enough to maintain your performance. The platform fluctuates so you’ll need a pro! If you want to benefit from consistent returns.

Facebook and Instagram campaigns are still the most cost effective way of selling, and it doesn’t look likely to change anytime soon,

If you want to know if you’re e-commerce business could achieve huge growth off the back of Facebook ad campaigns, get in touch for your FREE audit. We look at everything from your website, to your previous Facebook campaigns and worth through our methodology to achieve outstanding ROAS on your campaigns!

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